"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." ~John C. Maxwell

"Tutoring Experiences" by Judy, Ali, and Patrick

Helping the 2nd graders was very fun. We were able to help the little kids learn, which was helpful to them. Sometimes we would do random things for Mrs. Fong like making folders, grading spelling tests, or help the kids with their reading. It was also fun helping the 3rd and 4th graders in Mrs. Winslow's class. We felt like we were important to them, and we had fun telling them how to do the math We really liked it, and the kids in her class depended on us to help them.


"Leadership Group Field Trips" by Ismenia, Daniel, Johnny, and Anson

Our first field trip was to the Crocker Art Museum. It was very informative, and they had great statues and paintings. It was cool to see the art and was an amazing field trip. The Sacramento Zoo was the most fun place to visit. It taught us a lot about animals, and we saw things that we had never seen before. Some of the animals such as the reptiles, snow leopards, tigers, lions, and monkeys were exciting to watch. The tree planting was our chance to volunteer for the community. Everyone worked hard and planted a total of six trees. We saw many insects that were scary but amazing! Finally, we are planning on going to Sacramento State University to see what college is like.


"Sixth Grade Fundraising" by Victoria, Megan, and Darlene

The leadership group helped raise money for class field trips in many ways. Everybody worked hard for the money from movie night by selling delicious nachos, popcorn, and drinks. Some of the movies we watched were Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar 2, and Bolt. Everybody laughed at all the movies. We hope the next leadership group will continue movie nights. The car wash was another good way to raise money. Everyone got wet, and people were yelling on the street to get customers. There was also an interesting car show and food for sale. Finally, the class made money by selling Otter Pops after school. We sold purple, blue, pink, red, green, and orange. Clearly, they were delicious!


"Honoring Bob's 30 Years of Hard Work" by Caroline, Mariah, David, and Jose

Bob was important for many reasons. He helped keep our school clean and always made sure our classrooms were sparkling. Bob's personality is kind and caring. For example, once Bob helped Jose get a hoop so that he could play basketball. Overall, Bob is the most awesome staff member. Thanks Bob for being here for over 30 years. Our leadership group is going to help you clean for one week after school so that you can relax. That's the least we can do to show our appreciation.


"We didn't just work during leadership. We rocked out on Rock Band 2. We partied outside playing kickball, dodgeball, and other sports. We even went on bomb field trips and helped a lot of people. It was awesome!"

~ Caroline

Teacher's Message

  • One day, I was talking to a few students and we came up with the idea of creating an afterschool leadership group for the upcoming sixth grade year. At the beginning of the year, I told the entire class about it. I explained that I wanted a group whose main goal would be help others and have fun doing it. I also explained that I was only looking for responsible, hard-working students willing to commit some of their personal time for the entire year. The brave soles that decided to give it a try met once a week after school from September to June. During these meetings, the group and I would come up with ways to help people around us and brainstorm fun activities for us to do together.

  • Looking back on the experience, I am so proud of everything the group has done. I could always count on them, and a large part of Room 14's success is due to their leadership. They were able to help many of their classmates and make a difference in the lives of other Earl Warren students. I hope that this was a valuable experience for everyone involved. I also hope that some of these students will return and become mentors for future classes. Outstanding job everyone!

Student Quotes

  • "Putting up the tetherballs everyday made me feel important. The little kids depended on me for fun at recess." ~David
  • "Leadership for me was phenomenal because volunteering was a great experience." ~Anson
  • "All of the field trips were fun, but the tree planting was the best!" ~Mariah
  • "I got to spend time with my friends and classmates." ~Johnny
  • "Being in leadership will be beneficial for us in the future." ~Judy
  • "I think it was worth my time because I felt like it was respectful to help the school." ~Patrick
  • "Helping with movie night was fun." ~Jose
  • "It was awesome because I got to play lots of sports." ~Darlene
  • "I will miss coming to leadership." ~Ismenia