Unit 4: Beyond The Notes Project

For this unit, we decided to do things a little differently. Since the focus was on music, I decided that we would have a friendly "Battle of the Bands" in our classroom. Everyone had to form a trio with one guitarist, one bassist, and one drummer. Every morning before school, the bands hand a chance to practice. It was tons of fun, and believe it or not we actually learned about music by playing video games at school. We even had some brave kids get on the microphone to sing. ROCK ON ROOM 14!!!


Final Band Standings

At the end of the unit, three songs ranging in difficulty were chosen for the final showdown. Each band had their chance to perform onstage while the class watched. After each round, the students got a chance to practice finding averages when calculating the scores. Here are the final "Battle of the Bands" standings:

  • Champion: Riot (Kristal, Darlene, & Ismenia) - 96.6%
  • 2nd Place: The Monkees (Evie, Megan, & Alyssa) - 95.9%
  • 3rd Place: D.J.C. (Daniel, Johnny, & Caroline) - 95.7%

To make it a little more interesting, we even faced off against the other sixth grade classroom. It was very close, but our dream band of Kristal, Megan, and Daniel were able to claim the title of Earl Warren Rock Band Champions. Great job everyone!